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November 9, 2020 - Blogs

I had decided that my project was going to based on lyrics from a rap song because rap is one of my favourite genres of music. Before I decided on the lyrics, I wanted to research some graphic rap design to get some inspiration. I had looked at different types of graphic design related to rap/hip-hop culture. I also researched typography rap lyrics on Pinterest and Google. Some examples of typography and album covers are shown below.

I then decided which song I was going to pull lyrics from. I chose the song FRANCHISE by Travis Scott.

Redesigned after feedback:

I had changed the font and included more lyrics. I implemented some of the icons in between the lyrics. I also added some colour and changed some font sizes to make some words stand out from the rest (words that are more emphasised in the song).

Redesign after feedback part 2:

For this one I made the icons smaller and created a boarder around the lyrics so that the content wasn’t as close to the edge. It also makes it look more organised.


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