Monthly Archives: September 2020

Type Specimen for Screen – Futura Research
Futura Research My first project for the module is to create a type specimen for screen based on one of the 6 fonts we were asked to choose from. The [...]
Point and line
Point and line:
Typography around me
Some examples of different types of typography around me. I chose these examples because they’re mostly different from each other. My favourite piece [...]
Wilson Miner Video
After watching the video on Wilson Miner speak at a conference, I thought that it was motivating and moving, from beginning to end. He touched on many good [...]
Creating my manifesto
What does the manifesto mean to me?   Firstly, I had decided to make a short brief overview of what I needed and had to include, just to gain an [...]
Manifesto research
What is a manifesto? A manifesto is a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. Manifestos, mottos and mantras [...]
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