IXD301-Week 8 tasks- User Scenarios

What are User Scenarios? User scenarios are a method for telling a story about a user’s interaction with your product, service, or website, focusing on the what, how, and why. Why do we use User Scenarios? It is important to use User Scenarios to communicate a design idea by telling a story about a specific […]

IXD301-Week 8- User Personas

User Personas A persona is a way to model, summarise and communicate research about people who have been observed or researched. A persona is portrayed as a specific person but is not really a real person. The designer has actually just created and named this person based on observations of many people. What Does a […]

IXD301-Week 8- Fathom Placement Talk

Andrew came to talk to us today about a UX placement opportunity at Fathom. What is Fathom about? They are a UX Design agency who believe in encouraging performing through insight. They focus on user research to collect the correct data needed in order for them to create the perfect version of their products based […]

IXD301 Week 8- Content Strategy

In todays class with Kyle we covered 4 topics which were: Basic Principles The Craft of Content Strategy Tools and techniques User Personas Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation delivery and governance of content. Project 2 Knowing your consumers Segmentation Potential Disability Device Type Gender Geologication Time Emotional How Design Makes the World- Scott […]