IXD303 Week 10-Prototyping

Today’s class was aimed at ensuring that we are on the right track for week 10 and are preparing to start prototyping our screens on Figma. This brings our product to life and allows everyone to get a better idea of how your product works. Paul also offered tips on how to ensure that your […]

IXD304 Week 9- Amplifying data

Designing with data Data is a special type of content EG Instagram takes your data. Data is everywhere EG Election campaigns, pay scales etc. EG Sanctions Data- created a map of the world that is filled in with different coloured dots that have a colour code that represents a different thing EG Yellow represents terrorism […]

IXD304 Week 7- The story of eBooks

What are eBooks? An eBook is a non-editable book that is converted into a digital format that can be read on screens EG Mobile, computer etc. Characteristics text should be uneditable to prevent users from potentially changing the content of the book. they are reflowable¬†which means that they fit to the screen they are being […]

IXD303 Week 7-Group Critique

This week was our group critique for our healthcare apps. For this critique, we had to create a slide deck which includes: Brand Name, Logo Under Persona/s Brand Guidelines Initial Wireframes Three Screens demonstrating final design. See my PDF Slide here: Sarah Collinson recover buddy we then had to upload our slides onto Figma before […]

IXD303 Week 6- The Design Sprint

What is a Design Sprint? A Design Sprint is a unique five day process for validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with customers. In five days, the Design Sprint will help to: Understand. Map out the problem and pick an important area to focus. Ideate. Sketch out ideas/solutions on paper. […]

IXD303 Week 5-Content Design

In this weeks lecture of Content Design with Paul we covered: Everything is Content Brand Dictionaries ¬†User Journey Map Touchpoints Lessons from Trailblazers The four main types of content in web/digital design include: Text Imagery Video Data Text 95% of web content is text which means it is so important to get it right when […]