IXD301 using Figma to create my Element App

The best way to create my app was to use Figma as it is easy to use and you are able to create a prototype through this software which is vital for this project.

this was my initial draft of my app screen in which you can guess what element your friend has picked for you through the series of clues given throughout the game. Although I love how bright and colourful the screen is, I felt it was a bit busy and overwhelming as there is a lot on the screen at one time.

I felt it was important to enlarge each card on the screen and giving the player the opportunity to scroll down the screen to view all the cards. Doing this will make the screen more simplistic and less overwhelming.

I think allowing the user to scroll and making the images bigger was much more successful as it is more pleasing to the eye and helps the child to not feel so overwhelmed and distracted.



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