IXD301 Portfolio Refinement

After doing my competitive analysis I finally realised how I wanted to design my own portfolio site. I wanted to be bold, confident and youthful in hope to reflect myself as a designer. To do this, I began to create wireframes to figure out my new layout.

Although it is just a very rough sketch, I felt motivated by the huge difference I could immediately see. I chose pink and red as they are youthful colours that are stereotypically associated with women. More importantly, they are bold, bright colours that typically clash with each other, making it a controversial colour scheme. these colours represent passion, joy, braveness and love; things that I hope to be as a designer.

I decided to change my typography from my own custom font to Impact, as it was much bolder and clearer to read. I felt impact reflected what motivated me as a designer to create bolder choices and to be braver in my design. Although I felt my homepage was much stronger, I wasn’t happy with the portfolio section when you scroll down my site.

I decided I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and tidy the portfolio section.

I feel this will tidy up the portfolio section and make it much more professional. I also decided that I will keep the background of this section white as although the pink is bold and colourful, I feel pink as the background throughout the entire portfolio site is too much and will take away the attention from my work.

I Think this is much more successful that the initial portfolio layout as it is much more professional and easier on the eye. it also helps any potential clients to not be confused about what project they are looking at as they are all kept separate from each other.

I then went on to design the case study pages. I wanted to keep with the bold theme, whilst also keeping it easy to read or scan over. A way which this is easiest to do is by making sure the text only goes halfway across the screen as if it covers the entire screen it gets boring to read and the audience tends to lose their places much easier, making in an unenjoyable read.

I also wanted to include lots of large pictures as I personally love to look at images when I’m scrolling through a site as they immediately catch my attention and help to break up the text and keep my attention.

I am very happy with my refinement as I feel it is eye-catching and easy to read or skim depending on what the users searching my site for. I feel I have come a long from my first idea to my to my final idea as feel it represents me as a designer much better.

See My Portfolio Site Here


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