IXD302 Investor Pitch Presentation and reflection

I took all of my research, as well as the problems and solutions and used them to create my investor pitch powerpoint.

Daniel talked us through how to create a successful investor pitch. You have to know your information and be able to project your aims and asks clearly so that your potential investors clearly understand what your product sabot and what you are asking of them. If you are not confident in the delivery of your product you cannot expect anyone to have confidence in investing in your product either.

See my Investor pitch for Find my Pet here: Find my pet


I was nervous in the run up to my group’s investor pitches which is natural as most people find it intimidating speaking in front of groups. However, once it was my turn to present my pitch to Daniel and the rest of the group I decided the best approach would be to fake my confidence until I felt comfortable talking in front of the group. As I was talking about something I had researched into and was passionate about, I was able to explain the product confidently and clearly in hope to win over the votes of the investors.

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience of creating a product, researching strengths and weaknesses of the already existing market in order to create the perfect concept and then creating a pitch to sell your ideal to potential investors. It was really motivating as we were not given an extremely long period of time to complete this to a high level which helped us show how we react under pressure and present original idea to a group of people who are analysing it. This was a first experience for all of us as we haven’t yet been in the real world where we are developing our own original ideas and presenting them.

On the day I spoke clearly and slowly without using any notes which was really important to me as  was determined to present myself and my pitch as confidently as possible. I was really happy with the outcome of my presentation and included everything I wanted to say and was able to answer all the questions relating to my product in the Q&A that followed the presentation. Although I still have a long way to improve with the inclusion of more figures in terms of money and costs to present a more accurate ask to any actual investors in the future.

I think due to my relatable product I wanted to create, I managed to win the heart strings of the group and ended up winning the investor pitch for my group. This was massive for me as I wouldn’t say I was a naturally confident person and so it took a lot from to ask confident in my pitch. This also showed me I have the ability to be more confident and trust myself as a designer.


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