IXD301- Week 11 Presentation

This week I had my presentation of my work this year in front of Kyle. This presentation consisted of showing a 5 minute overview for each of my 2 projects I have completed this year.

Thanks to last weeks Pitch talk, I was able to use the he tips and tricks we learnt to make sure I had the appropriate content on each of my slides and was able to confidently speak about my process for each projects. Knowing that even professionals get nervous when presenting definitely helped me feel more confident as it reminded me feeling nervous is natural. With practice and revising the order of my slides, I was able to confidently talk about my work and what I felt my strengths and weaknesses were, as well as how I would improve the work.

I am very happy with how my presentation turned out. I got positive feedback about my confidence and tone of voice as well as some critical feedback about my presentation which was really helpful to take on board for future presentations.

Please see the pdf document for my presentation here : kyle presentation

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