IXD301 Portfolio Development and Competitor Analysis

Initially upon designing my portfolio, I wanted to reflect my own personality so that future clients could get a feel of what I was like as a person, not just a designer. A way in which I thought I could do this was through creating my own font which was a copy of my handwriting. By doing this I felt it could create a more personal feel to my site.

However, upon taking my idea to adobe illustrator, I realised that what I thought would feel relatable, instead still felt like a draft.

Before I gave up on why idea of using my own font as a personal touch, I decided to try a different layout incase it was actually the layout and not the typography. Although this is a rough design, I still felt like something was off but I couldn’t figure what it was.

Competitive Analysis

before I made any big changes, I decided to go back to square one again and research other portfolios with a more focused eye to decide what I truly want my portfolio site to look like.

Studio Bagaz

About Studio Bagaz

Studio Bagaz is a graphic design studio based in Tel Aviv, founded by Nati Shimony & Ronli Pe’er, focusing on experiential design, branding, digital and life style.

They believe in great, uncompromising and limitless design, with a diverse portfolio of work and family of clients, in the arts, cultural, culinary, fashion, education and corporate sectors, brought together by a shared desire to make the world a better place through design.

By Experience

About By Experience

By Experience was formed in 2018 to continue to aim high and bring creative ideas to life for a broader set of clients via their extended network. They have lots of experience with helping commercial organisations to activate or transform their brand, design new software products and services, and create compelling design communications that stand out from the crowd.

Why I am Inspired by these Portfolios

Out of all the portfolios I have looked at, these two portfolios jumped out at me. Although I had yet to find out what these companies were about, I immediately felt inspired and motivated do my bit to improve the design world in any way I could.

Whilst they are both bold, they are also simplistic. Both portfolios have a very minimal design , allowing our eyes to be drawn to the colour and design of the portfolio, which is extremely suitable as they are both design companies. If I were looking for a design company to help me with my company’s work, I would trust these two companies as they have bold confident portfolios which shows they are not afraid to think outside the box and create something new and different.

How this has Affected my Portfolio

My competitive analysis has allowed me to realise that my pale pink portfolio with my unique font is not reflective of the portfolios that I felt motivated by. Both the colours and typography in the portfolio sites I was motivated by are bold, neat and easy to read, which mine is softer and not as refined.

I have decided to try and refine my portfolio to reflect my design motivations.

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