IXD301- Week 10-Core Systems Placement Talk

Today we had a talk about placement opportunities from Core Systems

who are core systems?

Their mission

Core Systems mission is to utilise technology to make life better for people in/ coming out of the criminal justice system.

The Problem

Almost 50% of offenders in the UK tend to re-offend within 12 months are being released.

How do they Tackle this Problem?

it is crucial for these offenders to have communication and support from their friends and family coming out of prison. To help this, Core systems have created an app which allows this communication.

they are also able to use this app to order their shop on this app and how much they have left to send. this helps budgeting skills and improves responsibility as the app means they have to order their food within a certain time frame whilst using a specific budget. this helps them to become more independent before being released?

How do they present information on this app?

it is important that the app is easy to use as to avoid any extra irritation. people in prison also has a huge range of reading levels, with most people having a reading level of 8-9 years old. however, other offenders could also be really smart and be in prison for EG Fraud. this means they have to find a balance on how to create this app to create the perfect compromise.



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