#IXD104 Final Submission



Our brief for this project was, with an emphasis on illustration, icon, diagrams and charts, to design an app based around travel. The app can involve any form of travel we wish from the microscopic to the planetary.  Given the vague nature of this task, it gave us lots of lee-way in designing an app that we were extremely interested in. It also meant that everyone’s app would be very different to each others  making the whole process a lot more fun and interesting as we were able to see what everyone came up with for their idea.

This project was a real learning curve for me as a designer as I came face to face with many challenges that I had to quickly overcome. It taught me how important the “small details” were in creating an app and I now have such an appreciation for all the work that goes into creating apps as I feel this project gave me such insight into this aspect of the industry.

It was important for me to create an app that I was passionate about and feel I would want to download myself if it was real.  After looking for Inspiration for my Travel app I began to create mind maps on what I wanted my app to be like. I was instantly more drawn to focusing my app on the solo traveller as I felt there was more to include and I found this concept more exciting. 

This led to the creation of “Solo Steps”.  This is a travel app for solo travellers who still want guidance and reassurance that they are not entirely on their own.  It is a great app for when you are in a new destination in which you don’t know. Simply make your profile and state which area you are in. This instantly links all the local emergency contact services you may need if you are in trouble. You are also able to list your own emergency contact which will be able to be contact if you are in trouble. 

This app has many positive aspects such as a built in translator with a camera. This means you are able to remove any potential language barrier. You are able to take a photo of EG. A menu in a different language and the translator camera will translate it into your own language for you, allowing you to be able see ingredients in products, eliminating the risk of allergies.

I kept the illustrations minimalistic yet colourful as I wanted it to be a bright colourful app yet is extremely easy to navigate as no one will want to have to work out how to use an app on the go whilst travelling.

I continued to refine this app multiple times as I wasn’t happy with the layout. I realised then that a lot more work goes into designing an app to make it easy to navigate and clear to read. I also found that it took a lot of trial and error to create the perfect colour scheme that I was fully happy with. Since it is a light-hearted, fun app, I wanted the colour scheme to reflect this, without it being too bold and in your face. I am happy with the final outcome of this colour scheme as I think I finally found the right balance between the two aspects.

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