#IXD104 Creating a Set of Icons for my App

The next step in creating my app is to create a set of icons to use in my app.

I knew I wanted my icons to be very minimalist and easy to navigate but I wasn’t sure what all I needed to include so as always, I began brainstorming on paper to see what all I needed to include in my app.

I then took these onto Adobe Illustrator to further refine these to fit my app’s look. I think these icons work really well within my app as they are very simplistic however still stand out as I have included a black outline with all of them. They also all work well together as they all have the same style EG all the landmark icons have the same style and colour scheme so all compliment each other well.

The rest of my app is quite colourful EG the inclusion of colourful photos and coloured backgrounds so that’s why most of my icons are mainly black outlines or of a neutral colour scheme because I didn’t want my app to be over saturated with colour and become too bright and tacky. I think the strong black outline works well with this colour scheme as it makes the icons stand out more without them being too much.

Below is an example of how my icons work within my app.

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