#IXD103 Week 10- Beyond the Brand tasks Development

This afternoon’s class was a group critique of the beyond the brand task we were set over lunch. This was beneficial as we were able to see and comment on everyones ideas and help them to further refine and development to make it the best version of the product possible. Daniel and my class gave me positive feedback on my stop motion video but also gave me ideas on the direction of it so that it would run smoother and flow better. I took these ideas on board and fixed my stop motion and I am much happier with this outcome. I feel that it flows a lot better now and it has more structure and purpose within this short video that I will post below.

I feel this stop motion video will work well on my portfolio site as it will help to make my site more lively and have more personality to it which is my aim.

Daniel also said that we can have more than one beyond the brand item, and after feeling inspired from seeing what everyone else had done, I decided I wanted to design a few physical pieces for my brand instead of it being entirely digital based.

I began sketching rough ideas on a sheet of paper on what I wanted these products to be. I decided that the main physical products I would want my brand to include would be phone cases, mugs, and bags; three things which I carefully consider when buying. Each of these products are very personal to each individual buyer so it was important to me to create items that are consistent and accurately fit the personality and tone of voice of my brand.

Upon much consideration, I decided that instead of putting my logo onto merchandise I would instead place the short slogan “Making the impossible possible” which appears as the sub heading on my blog and portfolio site onto these products. I felt this was a very appropriate slogan to put on my brand’s products as it is a positive, uplifting quote that encourages people to make the most out of their day.

To keep the branding consistent, I used the same personalised font that I used in my portfolio site and stop motion video so that they all tie in well together. I also kept these products pink based to fit in with the colour scheme of my brand too.


I am really happy with the start of the development of each of these products. Although they need further refined, I think they perfectly fit the personality of my brand and are each something that I would buy as sometimes brand merchandise is too cheesy and specific for my liking. Catching a glimpse of this quote throughout the day whilst reviving yourself with your morning coffee, checking your phone for the millionth time, or grabbing your bag on your way to work will brightens peoples moods and hopefully encourage them to take life with both hands and fully embrace it which is my overall aim.


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