#IXD104 Infographic development

When the project of creating an infographic was announced I naturally wanted to make one on something I felt very passionate about. Upon research I became very interested in the problems associated with malnutrition as I feel a lot is very unknown about this topic. I researched the facts and figures on the most important subject points and began thinking of how I could create illustrations to go alongside these points.

Whilst I was developing this infographic I watched a documentary called “Seaspiracy” which highlighted the major issues associated with fishing and sea pollution. I immediately felt inspired and knew that I had to change my subject choice to the problems of sea pollution. This was the perfect decision for me as there were so many important points to make that really shocked me and has influenced me to change some of my daily habits to help better the earth.

I started again and began designing illustrations to use in my new infographic which I am very happy with. this subject choice was a lot more interesting to me as I learnt stuff that I did not previously know before so felt it was overall a more informative decision as I would maybe not have learnt what I did if it wasn’t for this task.


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