#IXD103 Week 9- Portfolio research

Before I start creating my own portfolio site, I felt it was important for me to research other successful UX designers to see what their portfolio sites look like. I quickly realised that each site was very unique to each designer which I loved as it showed me how much of your personality truly goes into your portfolio.

Hiro Shibata

Hiro Shibata is a UX/Graphic designer from Mexico. I really like the design of his home page as I found it very strong. the subtle dotted light grey design behind the bold white text creates the perfect eye-catching contrast to spark interest in potential clients. The layout of his homepage is so unique that I would personally trust him as a UX designer because if he has thought out his homepage as well as this, his work for clients will be stronger.

Ljubomir Bardžić

Ljubomir Bardžić is a UX designer who focuses on mobile design. His portfolio page is instantly very eye-catching as it is full of bold, contrasting colours. I love the use of this daring colour-scheme as it shows off his fun personality brilliantly which tells the client straight away that he is a brave and adventurous designer who is not scared to take risks in his work. his home page has a very simple layout which is clear to navigate as the white background makes the website feel very spacious and uncluttered which is very important.

Michal Maciejewski

Michal Maciejewski is a UX designer who is based between the US and Spain. His portfolio is very simple yet effective. no pictures are shown on his homepage, it is just simple white text with a hint of green to highlight his job title. this lets the client know straight away that he is a straight-to-the-point designer who does not mess around. However, when you continue to scroll though his portfolio sight, you realise that his whole sight is a user experience and you are able to see his true skill and style to its full extent which is very impressive.

Aaron Rudyk

Aaron is a product and web designer with a degree in Global Business and Digital Arts from the University of Waterloo. He currently works at Tangam Systems, which makes industry leading analytics and optimisation software for casinos. He also works on freelance web design contracts. His portfolio homepage is of a very different style to the other ones I have looked at. The use of the main photo of himself on the homepage is the first thing you see is very effective as it allows the client to see who they are working with. This is a very smart idea in my opinion as it adds a very personal touch to his portfolio, which could give him the final edge against his potential competitors. Despite this, there is still a very mysterious feel to his portfolio site. the purple smoke stands out boldly against the black background which will intrigue the potential client as they will want to continue to navigate throw his site to see what style of work he creates.


Researching different UX designer portfolios was very beneficial to me as it helped me to decide what type of style I want my portfolio to be. It has helped me to realise I want to contain lots of bold colours in my portfolio site to best showcase my young, fresh brand and personality.




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