#IXD101-Week 11- Exploring CSS Grid

For todays class we explored how to add a Grid of pictures or information onto our websites.

I struggled with this in the beginning as my HTML and CSS file would not link together, meaning the whole page wouldn’t work on the server. however once we got that fixed it became a bit easier. the grid makes the website very professional and it was very fun deciding what colour the backgrounders of the grids should be.

it was also very interesting to see how websites are created to be compatible with phones by changing the shape and structure of the layout for the smaller screen.

The reason I found todays class one of the hardest yet as there was so much to include over 3 bracket pages meaning it was easy to leave things out by mistake and get left behind. this also means that if you accidentally leave anything out then your website won’t work properly which can be frustrating.

despite this, Paul’s class was really useful in showing us how we can add more advanced layouts to our essay website for ixd102, helping us to make the best essay website possible.

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