#IXD101-Week 7- An Intro to HTML and Github

For our next IXD101 project, the “John Bakverville project” requires the use of HTML coding and uploading the files on to Github.

this was very challenging for me as I have never tried coding before and had never heard of Github. our task was to mark up a piece of text, which we called Version 1, and then add css files to the marked up HTML text, which we called Version 2.

once we began to markup the text it began to get a little less confusing as I was beginning to learn what codes to put in front of each text.

once we had finished marking up the piece of text, we were able to go online and look to see what it would be like as a website.

naturally, the text looked like this as we had not added the CSS files which will allow us to add structure and colour to the piece.

the CSS file let us determine the font, font size and background colour etc of the website. this was very fun to do as it allowed us to make our website individual to us and therefore they no longer all looked the exact same.

adding the CSS files made the text so much easier to read. I really enjoyed marking up this text and seeing it transform into a professional looking website.

I am also looking forward to seeing the website transform even more in the upcoming weeks as we will be continuing to improve it by adding more CSS files which will allow us to add photos and more structure which will therefore improve the look even more.

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