#IXD102- Week 2-My Type Specimen Fonts

For our project with Kyle, we were given a task to pick a font and design three iPad prototype screens using a font out of the list that we were given. I started this task by brainstorming lots of ideas in my sketchbook until I found three that I liked. I tried to make sure that these sketches were all as different as possible so that I could get three designs I was happy with.

I then took the three that I was most happy with onto Sketch to further design these three screens.

my first design was the word “Palatino” slightly overlapping with the opacity at 84% and was really happy with how the layout looked on screen however was unsure about what colour palette to use. overall, I think I like the Italian colours better as Palatino as it was named after Giambattista Palitino who was Italian Calligrapher. I think the colours fit in with the theme the best and helps tie all the information together.

my second design was inspired by the Designer of the Palatino font, Hermann Zapf, who designed it in 1949. although I was happy with the Italian colour palette yet again, I was unsure about the background colour and I couldn’t decide which one I preferred. overall, I think I prefer the darker background better as I feel the green and red stands out more whilst also being less harsh so feel it runs smoother.

this is my third design. I decided to stray away from the Italian colour scheme for a change and stuck to black and white and feel it worked well. I changed the opacity of the text to 84% so that you can see the overlapping of the characters which I liked. I also thought that the different sizing of the font worked well as it created a jumbled look which I felt worked well as it made it eye-catching without it being too overwhelming with bright colours too.


overall I am very happy with my initial digital designs however I am going to continue to improve and cirque them to make them the best as possible.

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