BRAND GUIDELINES – https://brandpad.io/rosie-dowds/

PORTFOLIO SITE – https://rosiedowds.github.io/portfolio/


Brand Identity

Referring back to my ‘outlining vision’ document I made at the start of the semester, I wanted to;

  • Create a cohesive personal brand incorporating it into a portfolio website
  • Quality; wordmark, monogram and visual marque
  • Professional aestheticĀ 
  • Accurately represents me as a designer


Why I did what I did

I choose to create my wordmark with hand illustrated characters as it represents my multifaceted skill set, alongside giving off a fun interesting brand persona. With the wordmark being a statement I wanted to dial it back a little with my monogram, so I kept it simple by just placing the 2 letters side by side. Simplicity was key in this instance. Then with the Visual Marque, since I knew it would only be used as a secondary element I could create something really fun and interesting. I decided to choose a flower holding an iPad because I feel it perfectly represents me as a designer. I made sure to keep referring back to the words I used to describe myself, and it all became quite apparent. The fun loving nature of the flower, and the fact that links to my name, with its involvement with technology.


What did I learnĀ 

By creating a brand identity for myself I have learnt a lot, things I would’ve never considered. Starting with language, all the way to colour palettes. I have learnt that there is much more that goes into branding than meets the eye. You have to consider every single element to make sure it’s just right. That as soon as you are perceived, people have made their mind up about you, even before you can say a word. Thus the importance of a good first impression.





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