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Today we talked about developing our portfolio website.

We were asked to outline our goals and opportunities. We also discussed content planning.


Most of the content this week was resource material which can be found in BBL, making my notes shorter.

WEEK 9 notes linked below

103 NOTES – WEEK 9


Portfolio site research

12 Standout Examples of Web Design Portfolios


Some of my favourites




Beginning to Wireframe


I want my portfolio website to be relatively simple, not too much going on. I want my work to be the focal point and be able to speak for itself.

I began by quickly sketching out some ideas, later refining slightly. Still considering colours.

My next step will be to digitize.




























































































Now more than ever I really feel my brand starting to come together. I have been experimenting with colour and applying it to my portfolio wireframes. I’m not totally sure how I feel about the green but just giving it a chance.

As shown above I have adopted a simple approach for my portfolio site. There are 2 reasons for this, one is that I think a minimal approach looks more professional and clean and the second is that my coding skills aren’t very advanced at the moment. I try my hardest but it takes me a while to code even the simplest of sites. In the near future I’m going to really focus on learning to code and be confident in it, but at the moment Its not my only focus. If I were to design a complex wireframe I would simply be setting myself up for failure, and its not like I even want a complex site.

I plan on coding a one page site for this project, however will continue to develop as my skills improve.

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