Wireframe – Prep work

Paula Scher exhibition in Manchester - Hotfoot Design

I have a balance between really fun projects and money-focused projects.”  Interview with Paula Scher / Forward Festival 2020

To make a start on designing this project I have sketched out a rough design for my webpage. I have taken inspiration from Paula Schers design work, more specifically The Public Theater posters (which I have misspelt on the wireframe, not using the American spelling, however will be corrected in the webpage whoops) to design my webpage. Lots of bright colour blocking and bold text will be included in the final product. Ensuring a striking look to grab the attention of the reader.

Its important that the webpage pays homage to her work, taking elements from various projects and compiling them all together.

To make sure its engaging with the reader, I plan to break up text with different graphics and images. Some of which will be made by myself. I will document the process as I go.

Alongside her work influencing the design, I have decided to incorporate elements of New York, as it is such a prominent part of her life influencing many of her design choices.

I’m looking forward to see how I’ll manage to develop my webpage in the next few weeks.

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