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When We Build

From the offset, Wilson Miner states, “We put so much of ourselves into these things, but they’re just things. Tools, they fulfil a need, take us where we want to go” essentially enhancing our skill set as humans, and to not focus so much on the “thing” itself, rather what it allows us to achieve….

POINT, LINE & PLANE – Instagram post

View this post on Instagram POINT , LINE , PLANE I’m currently studying interaction design at Belfast School of Art. I’ve been tasked to do some on research on point, line & plane. I have decided to focus on point. My inspiration being music. Point, line, and plane are the building blocks of design. From…

HELVETICA – Type Specimen Screen

What is a type specimen? Traditionally, the purpose of a type specimen sheet was to provide the designer with visual examples of how a specific font performed in a variety of point sizes, weights and leading measurements. It also displayed how the Upper and Lower Case settings, numeral and punctuation styles looked. For this task…