IXD104 Final Submission

Travel App Prototype The Galaxy travel app prototype Google drive link to Star Wars Prototype   World Mental Health Infographic World Mental Health Infographic Google drive link to World Mental Health Infographic   Dyslexia Electronic Sticker Electronic SPLD Sticker (1)

IXD104 Infographic Illustration Research

Mental Health Illustrations I also researched a number of mental health illustrations to see how they presented the various mental health disorders. The above outcomes are a variety of outcomes I found that I thought captured mental health effectively. I love the illustrative style and colour palette of the top left outcomes. I have also […]

IXD104- Infographic Visual Research

HeadSpace Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app created by Andy Puddicombe. Andy Puddicombe left the UK in his early 20s and trained for 10years in meditation before returned to the UK with the goal of teaching people meditation and mindfulness. Headspace officially launched in 2010 with the mission to improve the world’s health and […]

IXD104 Week 9-Manufactured Fictions

This weeks lecture was really interesting. The topic of manufactured fictions and the impact of Instagram presenting a skewed view of reality is more relevant than ever. This is further added to by the leaps made in AI with Christopher Ume utilising this technology and VFX to create TikTok fakes of Tom Cruice. The outcome […]

IXD104 Infographic Research

Primary Research I began my research by looking at a number of primary resources to find some initial inspiration and different ways information could be presented. Above our images take from a health magazine. I like how in the above-left outcome the text is broken into sections and images are scattered throughout each corresponding to […]