IXD302 Co-Founders by Catalyst

This week we received a talk about Co-Founders an entrepreneurship programme. Co-Founders is a start-up programme that helps candidates to build teams and develop a product that customers really want. The programme is aimed at people with ideas for products and services that have high growth potential. There are generally three different types of applicants: […]

IXD302 Investor Pitch Research

I have identified the below problem. Problem: The homeless are now losing their only source of income as our society goes moves towards more cashless transactions. I now need to verify through research that this is a problem that others have noted and is having a large impact on the homeless. Cashless society and its […]

IXD301 Elements Project Wireframes

Initial Sketches and early usability testing It’s getting hard to breathe task Put out the fire task During my initial idea phase of the project, I created the above sketches demonstrating two tasks I wanted to include in my app. I used these sketches in some early usability testing in my user interviews. This provided […]

IXD301 Week 9 Usability Testing

When taking a more in-depth look at usability testing I began by looking at an excellent article from the Norman Nielson Group on the topic. The article starts out by explaining what usability testing is and what the benefits are of including usability testing in UX research methodology. The definition provided is as follows: “In […]