IXD301 Elements Project Visual Style

Escape to Mars visual style

Before creating my final mockup’s for the app I made a visual style which I have followed throughout the development of the app prototype. Above I have highlighted how I created my brand and the reasons for my decisions. I have also provided a breakdown of my colour palette and typography choices. The information included on branding was as follows:

This Logo is a combination mark including an illustration of mars and the workmark. The wordmark was created using a combination of Aldivaro and Educated Deer.

Aldivaro was selected as its spikes gave the typeface a slightly more barbaric otherworldly feel. Educated Deer was used for its army feel however the gaps in the typeface were all filled in.

Logos that inspired this outcome included, Fortnite, Minecraft, Space Jam and Crash Bandicoot.

The top row of the colour palette display colours used in the logo and colours that I have tried to incorporate into my background illustration on the app to keep a nice continuity throughout the app. The second row of colours includes the colours used throughout UI elements such as text boxes, load bars and typography.

For my typography choices, I wanted to use typefaces that were appropriate for the target audience. As Mouse Memoirs was inspired by the vintage Mickey Mouse, Beagle Boys, and Uncle Scrooge comic books as I felt it was a perfect fit. It also reminded me of the typeface used throughout Crash Bandicoot which I really liked the video of. I also continued with the use of Educated Deers for buttons as I wanted to carry elements of branding used in the logo into the app itself. I also felt the typeface added an official mission style to the buttons appropriate to the app’s narrative of escaping earth on a shuttle.

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