IXD302 Investor Pitch Examples and Inspiration

Examples of investor pitch slide decks

Successful Business Examples

Cover slide for YouTube presentation

I found it really helpful to look at some real-life examples before creating my own investor pitch and slides. What struck me about YouTubes investor pitch was how short and to the point it is. However, even in the early stages of production YouTube had already shown clear signs of success being able to finish on a particularly strong note, ” Launched June 11th. Has already overtaken all previously existing competitors and is now the dominant player in this space.” What I have taken away from this presentation is that less more when it comes to content on slides. I hope to be able to make each slide as concise as possible keeping every point I make as memorable as I can. I do, however, feel that the design of the slides is quite lacking. As a design student, this is something I intend to improve on.

Cover slide for AirB&B presentation

I love how in the AirBed&Breakfast pitch how the product will work is very clearly outlined. As what I am proposing is a system that is not currently in use I would like to adopt a similar approach in my own pitch to give the audience a clear understanding of how donations are made, funds are distributed and all the ‘key players’ in the process. I also like how AirB&B clearly demonstrate their market share. At a glance, this gives the audience a clear visual of their target market and how they are narrowing their focus onto a specific yet very large audience base. I would love to utilise an approach like this in my own pitch if the opportunity presents itself.

Previous Student Examples

Cover slide for Oratio presentation

I think the ratio presentation slides are beautifully designed. I love the consistent use of the colour scheme throughout and the little heart icon that is placed in the slide headers. I think this presents a clear and consistent brand identity throughout. I also love the use of icons and how clearly the problem and solution are presented in this outcome. I would love to achieve an outcome as clearly presented as the above.

Cover slide for Notch presentation

I really like the professional look and feel of the notch orientation. However, I do not think that including the outline in the cover slide is an approach I would use. I personally prefer to guide the audience through the “story” I’m telling in the pitch without giving them each step beforehand. I love the bold colour monochromatic colour scheme, this is definitely something I would consider including in my own pitch. I also love the level of detail provided on user research as I feel it displays a genuine goal of meeting the user’s needs, which I personally equate to making a product a great product.


Design Inspiration

slide deck mood board

After having reviewed the above examples of investor pitch presentation slides, primarily focusing on content, I wanted to research a variety of design approaches I could take in putting together my slides. I created the above mood board displaying a number of interesting formats, colour schemes and text layouts. While I am inclined to keep my background a clean white I do think that the gradients used in the outcome to the left look quite interesting and could be fun to experiment with. I also love the incorporation of a variety of shapes and charts used in the orange, white and grey slide collection. I plan to draw from the above examples when producing wireframes for potential slide outcomes.


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