IXD301 Elements Project- Museum Exhibition

A series of photographs taken from the Elements exhibition at Ulster Museum

As recommended I decided to go to the Ulster Museum to see the Elements Exhibition. This was a great trip and provided me with lots of inspiration for my own app. On entering the exhibition you are greeted with a sign on the floor with a QR code that can be scanned and will take the visitor to the podcast, Elementary my dear, which I assume has been playfully titled after the famous Sherlock Holmes quote. This struck me as interesting as the quote has been used in sci-fi series since such as Star Trek Next Generation and suggests to me that parallels can often be found in the idea of a detective and scientist as both investigate their subject matter. I also thought this was interesting as I have noted detective themes in books teaching children about elements as well.

Other areas that jumped out at me were the overall space and universe themes that ran throughout the exhibition. I also loved the use of bright colours and physical representations of elements and the periodic table. Above I have included a representation of elements as puzzle pieces. I think this is a really fun and interesting way to present elements and how they interact and would love to incorporate something like this in my own outcome.

I also thought it was really interesting how themes such as death were added to categories elements. I would also like to add similar types of categorizations in my own outcome as I believe it would be helpful in making groups of elements more memorable.

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