IXD302 Week 5 Project Proposal Research

Creating a Proposal The process of creating is very well outlined in a Project Guide to UX Design by Ross Unger and Carolyn Chandler. The core components of a proposal are: Title Page Revision of History Project Overview Project Approach Scope of work Assumptions Deliverables Ownership and rights Additional costs and fees Project pricing Payment schedule […]

IXD302 Week 2 Applying for a Job

Insights from previous students and employers This weeks lecture started with a helpful session looking at previous students and employers experiences of the placement application process. These were found on conversation threads in the NI Design Chat on Slack. I found this really helpful. These were the primary points I took away from the session: […]

IXD301 Week 2 What is content? Where does it come from?

Content Sources Content can come in lots of different ways. To start at the beginning it’s probably best to review sources of content theses include: Client Supplied Self-Generated Third-Party Sites (e.g. Wikapedia) User-Generated Content (e.g. YouTube) Application Programming Interface (API’s)- this is intermediary software that allows two applications to talk to each other. Client Supplied […]