IXD103 Final Submission

Brand Guidelines

Rachel’s Design Lab Brand Guidelines

Google Drive link to Brand Guidelines


Portfolio Website

Link to Portfolio Website: rachelsdesignlab.com

Link to GitHub Repository: https://github.com/RachelDonaldson/portfolio-website


Dyslexia Electronic Sticker

Electronic SPLD Sticker (1)


Summary of Branding and Design Decisions

When creating my brand Rachel’s Design Lab I wanted to achieve a vibrant and minimalist brand identity. I have created a monogram that has combined the letters R and D into a simple graphic in an attempt to achieve a minimalist and memorable outcome. I am really happy with the outcome and feel I have achieved what I set out to in this regard.

The monogram has been paired with a customised wordmark created from the typeface DM Sans. I have incorporated additional straight lines and serifs into the typeface drawing inspiration from Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet. I wanted to add customisations to my wordmark to make it unique and create a digital type feel that I thought would fit with the lab theme also incorporated in the brand. I was very pleased with this outcome and have learnt a lot from creating my own customised wordmark as this isn’t something I’ve done before.

I have tried to adopt an informal and friendly tone of voice as I want my brand to present my personality and to present me as approachable. However, I also highlight the importance of clarity and accuracy in my brand guidelines as I believe this is in keeping with the tone of voice adopted at a lab. I am not sure if I have been able to achieve the casual, friendly tone of voice I was after and feel my writing is probably still a little too formal in some areas.  However content writing is something I struggle with and it is an area I feel I have learnt a lot about in this module.

When designing my website I wanted to create a minimalist outcome that centred around my work and process. I am pleased with the outcome and feel I have met the goals I had set out to, including making myself more contactable, presenting my process and presenting my work and strengths as a designer. I was also really pleased to learn more coding and develop my skills in this area.

Overall I am really pleased with what I have achieved in my personal brand and feel I have met my aims of presenting my design style and process. I have learnt a lot in this module particularly the correct process that should be carried out during a branding project and the importance of establishing a clear tone of voice and brand identity from the beginning. I have also had the opportunity to learn and practice coding and have built my first multipage site which was a goal I wanted to achieve this year.

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