Pocket Profiles: Una Kravets and Sara Soueidan

Una Kravets

Una Kravets is a developer seeking to make the web more styleable and is a Developer Advocate at Google Chrome.An image of Una Kravets

A great tutorial I found from Kravets was on 10 Modern Layouts in 1 line of CSS. While I’m still struggling my way through CSS grids I’m not fully at the stage where I could automatically add these into my work however Kravets details 10 relatively simple (at least she makes the look simple) layouts that can be incorporated into web design with a strong focus on making these layouts work on multiple devices and screen size. What I do feel has helped me to understand this tutorial is my baseline knowledge of terminologies such as parent and child items and flex-box which I’ve picked up through using Webflow.

I believe the work that Una Kravets is doing is so valuable to the future of the web and she is making coding easier and more accessible for designers which is amazing. I feel that she is providing great resources and I hope that as I develop my coding knowledge and skills I will be able to incorporate her simplified solutions and systems into my own work.


Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan is a design engineer, author and speaker with a background in computer science. Soueidan has won several awards including being voted 2015 Developer of the Year in the Net Awards and winning an O’Reilly Web Platform Award. Soueidan has also been recognised by several large organisations including Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Image of Sara Soueidan

While much of Soueidan’s work deals with coding and can be a little over my head at this point I still feel there is so much to learn from her. What I find particularly remarkable is the fact that Soueidan makes her training freely available e.g the tutorial for Techniques for Creating Textured Text

Here Soueidan runs through how to create textured text through HTML and CSS running through applying background images to text, applying texture to text, animating text background and Image Replacements providing all of the necessary coding and even making the source material downloadable.

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