IXD104 Final Submission

Travel App Prototype The Galaxy travel app prototype Google drive link to Star Wars Prototype   World Mental Health Infographic World Mental Health Infographic Google drive link to World Mental Health Infographic   Dyslexia Electronic Sticker Electronic SPLD Sticker (1)

IXD103 Final Submission

Brand Guidelines Rachel’s Design Lab Brand Guidelines Google Drive link to Brand Guidelines   Portfolio Website Link to Portfolio Website: rachelsdesignlab.com Link to GitHub Repository: https://github.com/RachelDonaldson/portfolio-website   Dyslexia Electronic Sticker Electronic SPLD Sticker (1)   Summary of Branding and Design Decisions When creating my brand Rachel’s Design Lab I wanted to achieve a vibrant and […]

IXD103 Developing my Portfolio Website

Navigation Bar When building my navigation bar I ran into a few issues the first was that when reloaded my page my monogram would making sliding left movement from around the centre of the navbar. This was because I had originally set the padding-right at 30vw. So rather than adding padding to the right, I […]

IXD103 Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler is a brilliant resource that covers brand basics, brand ideals, brand elements, brand and before and after’s. In this post, I reviewed a number of subcategories covered by Wheeler that I found particularly interesting. Brand strategy Wheeler describes effective brand strategy as providing “a central, unifying idea around which […]

IXD104 Infographic Illustration Research

Mental Health Illustrations I also researched a number of mental health illustrations to see how they presented the various mental health disorders. The above outcomes are a variety of outcomes I found that I thought captured mental health effectively. I love the illustrative style and colour palette of the top left outcomes. I have also […]