104: Week 07- Visualising Data

Visualising Data In this week’s lecture we final part of the module, visualising data. We introduced to infographics, and how important, easy to understand, simple,  concise information is. Diagrams- are a simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something.                 Visualisations- are ‘an interdisciplinary field that…Continue Reading 104: Week 07- Visualising Data

103: Week 09- Portfolio sites

This week we were given an introduction to our project- ‘Creating our own portfolio website’. The aim of this project is to demonstrate our understanding of this module by correctly conveying our brand identity and tone of voice. After discussing and writing our strengths and weaknesses in a ‘SWOT analysis’ task we were told to…Continue Reading 103: Week 09- Portfolio sites

103: Week 08- Style Guides

Style Guides This week we learned about Style Guides, another way to present and describe a brand’s style and guidelines. Style guide- A physical/digital document that depict the styles, patterns, practices, and principles of a design system and teaches you how to use it Style guides establish a table of contents with a lot of…Continue Reading 103: Week 08- Style Guides

103: Week 07- Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines Brand guidelines are described as an instruction manual on how to communicate your brand. These can be useful for organisations to explain the nuances and technicalities of the brand’s design to everyone that interacts with the brand and its presentation. For this week’s task we had to create a brand guideline for our…Continue Reading 103: Week 07- Brand Guidelines

104:Week04- Illustrating Interfaces

Illustrating Interfaces Illustrations can be a really good way to engage users and enhance their experience with your design. Illustrations help explain content or information in avery simple or symbolic way it conveys a message which means they can be very important elements to involve in an app/webpage design. After listening to the lecture and…Continue Reading 104:Week04- Illustrating Interfaces

104:Week 03- Hand to Mouse

This week we dived deeper into illustration and what it is. Illustration can be pen, pencil and paper or the more technology heavy options like photoshop, illustrator or procreate. Paul Elliman is a british artist whose work focuses mainly on typography and the human voice, often the relationship between them.  In 2018, Paul Elliman worked…Continue Reading 104:Week 03- Hand to Mouse

104: Week 02- Getting Iconic

During this week’s lecture we talked about icon design and learned that icons themselves don’t have to be complex, they can use the fundamentals of the design in a clever and effective way however more complex designs can be very visually appealing. To create help with creating more basic icons you can use a small…Continue Reading 104: Week 02- Getting Iconic

103:Week 4- Visual Identity

Visual Marques We began researching visual marques, visual marques can be pictorial or abstract. Pictorial marque are more stylised and iconographic versions of something usually to describe the company or company name eg. apple. More abstract marque consists of mostly geometric shapes eg. pepsi/nbc. There are also combination marque which are made up of a wordmark and either…Continue Reading 103:Week 4- Visual Identity