103: Week 10- Beyond the Brand

Beyond the Brand

In this lecture we talked about brand values, which can be used to form an emotional connection with the audience. This is the goal for most brands as many consumers buy out of impulse and emotion, therefore if you create loyalty within your consumers along with producing quality projects you create value with your consumers.

Here are the main factors to consider when trying to create a brand value:

The first is the Brand itself- its important that the brand delivers high quality products and looks good so that the customers can start to respect and value the brand themselves.

The second is Experience-  the user experience when interacting with your brand in any way is important, it creates a brand perception with the user and elicits an emotional response from the user.  If the website the user interacts with is boring or contains errors and lagging the user will have a negative reaction to the brand and it will not hold value to them. That’s why it’s important anything pertaining to the brand must be of high quality.

The third is Product- To get consumers involved the product must be of high value. Whether the product is something completely new and radical or a better version of something already out there, it’s important it’s worth the respect and love wanted from the consumer.


How do we do this?

Building a respectable and high value brand takes years, especially to develop loyalty with its consumer base .

When developing your brand to reach this goal it’s important to focus on consistency within your brand. This means that the tone of voice and content should stay the same throughout to help build that loyalty and something consumers can rely on.


One of our tasks for this week was to create a touchpoint for our brand e.g bag, clothes, desktop background or loading animation.

I decided to make an animation of my monogram I could use on my website.

This was my first attempt:









I like the hand-drawn look nut the colours weren’t quite bright enough and at this point I had decided to take the green out of my colour palette so this didn’t work anymore.



I used the app ‘procreate’ and an ipad to create a new animation, it looked brighter and had cleaner lines but I had problems exporting it.






I then decided to completely re-animate the monogram with the hand drawn style I had at the beginning:


I had problems exporting with a transparent background so I decided to make the background black as that was the colour I was intending on making my website.

Instead of focussing on the letters of the monogram, I decided to have the colours stand out and speak for my brand themselves and I think this is more successful.