103: Week 09- Portfolio sites

This week we were given an introduction to our project- ‘Creating our own portfolio website’. The aim of this project is to demonstrate our understanding of this module by correctly conveying our brand identity and tone of voice.

After discussing and writing our strengths and weaknesses in a ‘SWOT analysis’ task we were told to write some initial ideas for what our website should look like, referencing Adham Dannaway‘s article on designing portfolio websites.

We were told about another article by ‘Dustin Senos’  about creating valuable wireframes. In this article he mentions mentions drawing 20 squares on a page and drawing very basic wireframes in each square. This exercise is more about thinking laterally and brainstorming rather than coming up with final designs.

This is how my wireframe exercise came out:












After this quick exercise I began developing more in-depth wireframes for my website:











I then digitised some wireframes on figma to decide which direction I would go in before developing my website: