103: Week 01 Tasks

Social Bio

Part of this weeks after class tasks we had to write a short description of ourselves which can be used throughout any social media platforms. What I learned from this weeks class was to write what I think then cut it down as much as possible so that you have to become very particular and purposeful with the language you use.  To start off I described what I do and a short list of things I do like in my free time.

Hi, my name is Orla, I’m an interaction design student at Ulster University

Quick list of things I enjoy;

  • music
  • philosophy
  • anything art related
  • losing my glasses
  • taking photos of my dog
  • trying to identify if the rodent living outside my house is a big shrew, field mouse or water vole… or maybe I should just accept that it’s a brown rat and live with that.
  • knitting!

I then shortened this down to a couple of words that summarise these points.

creative, curious but unorganised with my things and thoughts.


Exercise- Copywriting

Word Bank

The brand I have chosen for this exercise is ‘Primark’.

Primark’s tagline is ‘Amazing Fashion at Amazing Prices’ this gives us insight into the brands values.

The words I would associate with the brand because of this tagline;

  • reasonable
  • for the people
  • fair
  • caring
  • valuable

Looking further into Primark’s website they have section called ‘Primark Cares’ in which they describe how their clothes are made and how they follow international and ethical guidelines.  This shows that Primark is starting to promote to their consumers that they have now adopted environmental and ethical values.

The words would associated with this would be

  • practical
  • ethical
  • moral
  • giving back
  • responsible
  • adaptive

For writing about the website and advertisements for Primark the words I think should be used the most used:

  • Reasonable
  • Sensible
  • Considerate
  • Environmentally attentive
  • Trustworthy
  • Understanding

These words pertain to the company and its values. To attest to this if you used any of these words from the following list it would not describe Primark and its brand;

  • high-end
  • luxury
  • long-lasting
  • handmade
  • biodegradable
  • highly-sustainable


Brand Dictionary

Brand dictionary defines the terminology used within the brand such as how the brand describes its employees and workplace environment. It is based on how the company/organisation converys its relationships with its staff when advertising.

  • call to action to buy a gift card
  • Mention @primark and #primania in your photos to be featured.
  • website uses the term ‘we’ to describe business decisions
  • 50 years in business wants to seem trustworthy and established business
  • websites hosts entire timeline of business to seem personable
  • language used to describe their clothes is personal eg “…latest pair of heels to elevate your Sunday brunch game. Need a statement piece of jewellery to complete a look? Browse our just-in range…” conversational in tone
  • “Feel fresh as can be with our stylish smart range, bound to keep your look as sharp as your presentation skills.”


Tone of Voice Guide

The brand tone of voice is known as the thinking behind the rules and guidelines, how to follow this approach and still maintain a creative and fresh style of writing. The organisation had to think about the all the target audience it is supposed to be talking to (its customers and employees).
The tone of voice is centred round the brand’s principal values. As a starting point either find out or create
the following for your brand:
• three words which describe its essence
• a short strapline summarizing the businesses reason to exist in the market

The brand strives represent itself as a great retail experience with great prices and quality. These are the main points brought up again and again throughout Primark’s advertising and website. To bring these points across Primarks uses a lot of personal language and a lot of ‘we’ and ‘our’ terms to create a more realistic and human experience, making their customers as comfortable as possible to spend money in their stores.

  • “…latest pair of heels to elevate your Sunday brunch game. Need a statement piece of jewellery to complete a look?”
  • “look as sharp as your presentation skills.”


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