102-Week 03:Pocket Profile

Vic Bell

Vic Bell is a senior illustrator at GitLab inc from northern England. She loves to create things from iconography to 3D worlds.d and brand designer .  She’s worked with brands such as Burberry, Uber and Blink doing iconography and illustration.

She worked with Uber in 2017 to create a whole icon system for their mobile app and website

These are and example of the icons she designed for them.

An important part of the design process for her was to reduce the detail of the icons to keep them consistent but also really easy to understand. During this project she designed over 300 icons.

I really like the design of these icons, they’re both really simplistically designed but understandable. I think because of their minimalism and the line-work of the icons is very neat which makes them really nice to look at.



Her work with Burberry also included designing icons but this was for primarily their website as they were in need of updating.


These are a set of icons she designed, she tried to keep within Burberry’s vintage theme while creating modern designs. I think it was very successful, she managed to design for the brand while keeping within her own as you could probably recognise from the consistent linework that this is work.



She has recently started working with the software company Teamwork. Teamwork created a project management software that’s been used by over 20,000 companies.  Vic Bell helped Teamwork create and develop their style by building an illustration system.


These are a selection of teamwork characters she designed and developed to give them a unique style that is both inclusive and reassuring. I think this is an integral part of the project as Teamwork need to be as marketable as possible.

The creative of Teamwork, Brad McLean has this to say about working with Vic Bell. “Vic is one of those awesome people you can hand a brief to and know you’ll get back quality. Her experience allows her to both adapt to feedback and to lead when needed. I can’t imagine the Teamwork rebrand without her.”


I really love Vic Bell’s style, I think it’s colourful and pleasing to look at and would make viewing the websites and apps really fun to use. Her style is somewhat consistent while still adhering to what the specific brand wants and I think that’s important, as a designer to build your own brand.


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