Final Submission

Final Submission Brand Guidelines: My brand, in summary, is playful, colourful and fun. I wanted to emphasise and attitude of approachability and relatability with my colour choices and style. My monogram is a cube with my initials on each of its faces. I thought the monogram would be a great way to show my personal…Continue Reading Final Submission

104:Week 10- The Art of Information

The Art of Information This week we were brought through a range of designers and resources to do with the use of data for creative purposes. Brendan Dawes Brendan Dawes is a “UK based artist, using generative processes involving data, machine learning and algorithms, to create interactive installations, electronic objects, online experiences, data visualisations, motion…Continue Reading 104:Week 10- The Art of Information

103: Week 06- Application

Application In this week’s lecture we learned about what we can apply our brand to. Our brand’s tone of voice, values and colours can be applied to anything our brand does/ produces. This can include things such as: Headed paper-  Headed paper can be used within a company for letters and invoices. You can apply…Continue Reading 103: Week 06- Application

103: Week 10- Beyond the Brand

Beyond the Brand In this lecture we talked about brand values, which can be used to form an emotional connection with the audience. This is the goal for most brands as many consumers buy out of impulse and emotion, therefore if you create loyalty within your consumers along with producing quality projects you create value…Continue Reading 103: Week 10- Beyond the Brand

104: Project 02- Infographic

Project 02: Infographic The second project for this module is to create an infographic focussing on a subject specific to the world around us. The subject I chose was ‘Femicide in the UK’ . Femicide is defined as ‘men’s fatal violence against women’. This infographic will be made using statistics found in the Femicide Census,…Continue Reading 104: Project 02- Infographic

104: Week 08- Designing Infographics

Designing Infographics In this week’s lecture we delved deeper into the world of infographics and how they are effective. Infographics have proved to be very useful in the medical field to explain infectionary diseases and many illnesses as its graphical representations of difficult or complex issues can simplify them and make them informative for everyone…Continue Reading 104: Week 08- Designing Infographics

104: Week 07- Visualising Data

Visualising Data In this week’s lecture we final part of the module, visualising data. We introduced to infographics, and how important, easy to understand, simple,  concise information is. Diagrams- are a simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something.                 Visualisations- are ‘an interdisciplinary field that…Continue Reading 104: Week 07- Visualising Data

103: Week 09- Portfolio sites

This week we were given an introduction to our project- ‘Creating our own portfolio website’. The aim of this project is to demonstrate our understanding of this module by correctly conveying our brand identity and tone of voice. After discussing and writing our strengths and weaknesses in a ‘SWOT analysis’ task we were told to…Continue Reading 103: Week 09- Portfolio sites

103: Week 08- Style Guides

Style Guides This week we learned about Style Guides, another way to present and describe a brand’s style and guidelines. Style guide- A physical/digital document that depict the styles, patterns, practices, and principles of a design system and teaches you how to use it Style guides establish a table of contents with a lot of…Continue Reading 103: Week 08- Style Guides