UK Data Service – A Wealth of Information


If you are interested in Big Data or Data Analysis, this is a great place to start! The UK Data Service is the UK’s largest collection of UK and international social, economic and population data. Funded by ESRC, the UK Data Service has datasets covering a number of areas:

  • Census data
  • International macrodata
  • Longitudinal studies
  • UK surveys
  • Qualitative/mixed methods

The international datasets include some high-quality information, including:

  • The World Bank Indicators
  • OECD Statistics
  • IMF Statistics
  • United Nations data
  • International Energy Agency datasets
  • Human Rights Atlas

The information comes with lots of help and guides, including video tutorials, and the information is being updated all the time. Keep up-to-date by following them on Twitter.

The service requires registration, and some of the datasets require additional agreements to Special Conditions before access becomes available. For further help, please contact your Subject Librarian

Passport – International Marketing Database

The Library has set up a new subscription to the Passport database (formerly called GMID). Earlier this year, the database was upgraded with significantly more content and is now an impressive research database for those needing access to international marketing and economic data. As well as data for over 210 countries, there are a vast range of full-text reports on industries, countries and companies. The industry reports cover primarily consumer markets. Please contact a member of the business team if you would like a demonstration.

New UK Data Service

UK Data Services logoThe new national UK Data Service funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) brings together four established data services and websites:

■ Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)
■ Secure Data Service (SDS)
■ Survey Question Bank (SQB) – now called Variable and question bank.

Although the ESDS website will remain active during the transition, content will not be updated. Automatic redirects to the new UK Data Service website will be in place but may not match the pages you currently use.