Ovid MEDLINE and Embase: new simplified access points launched

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The Library is pleased to announce that all of our MEDLINE versions have been combined into one menu option. When accessing via the parent Ovid interface, you will no longer have to choose from several options to search the most complete form of MEDLINE:

Blog Medline simplified route

The option for Embase has also been simplified and you can now tell exactly what is covered by the description:

Blog Embase simplified route

If you would like help with any of our databases, contact your Subject Librarian.

The Library Subject Team

News from OvidSP

We have been notified that a problem has arisen following  the latest release of updates to the  Ovid SP databases on January 8th 2014. Please see the email below:

 “Our latest release on January 8 has affected customized links and saved searches for a small group of our customers. While all users have been able to access the HTML version of articles, this problem has prevented some users from accessing the PDF versions of those articles. In addition, some users have been unable to access their saved searches. As part of our commitment to provide the best experience for all our customers, we have reinstated the previous release of OvidSP as we work to resolve this issue”.

If you are experiencing problems please contact your Subject Librarians.