British Library Open Day for PhD News & Media Students


The British Library is hosting an Open Day for doctoral students in the fields of news and media on Monday 11 Dec 2017, 10:00 – 16:30.

The British Library is home to a vast array of news and media content across all formats. Their extensive newspaper and magazine collection covers international, national and local publications from the 17th century to the present day.  The British Library sound archive has millions of historic and contemporary recordings of speech, music, wildlife and the environment. Our online Web Archive provides permanent online access to key UK websites of cultural or scholarly importance, while our onsite Legal Deposit Web Archive has every UK website available since 2013, including news sites. The Reading Rooms provide access to tens of thousands of TV and radio programmes broadcast in the UK since May 2010.  At this event researchers will learn about the full scope of these collections and how to unlock their potential as primary sources.  You will also have an opportunity to meet expert staff and other researchers across a range of disciplines and subject areas.

This event is for first year PhD students who are new to the Library.

Booking details are here:

Illustrated London News Online – Trial Service


The Library has set up a trial for the Illustrated London News, the world’s first pictorial weekly newspaper. Access the full facsimile run of the newspaper from 1842 – 2003, in full text and full colour.

  • Approximately 260,000 full-text pages
  • More than 7,000 issues
  • More than 1.5 million images
  • Covers 162 years (1842–2003)
  • 60,000 Print Edition Circulation in 1842, 300,000 at its peak in 1860s

Covering over 260,000 pages, you can access the Illustrated London News on-campus only until November 1st 2013. The user-friendly home page features an intuitive interface, interactive timeline and multiple search options. Your feedback on this trial is appreciated.

Changes to Nexis Database

Nexis is a huge international database of news and business information.  In particular, it is a major source for thousands of regional, national and international newspapers.  The ‘News’ search interface has recently undergone some changes and these include:

  • Removing the multi-layer search fields, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. The option to put these back in again remains.
  • The search button now appears at the bottom of the screen creating a clear path to completion of your search.
  • The number of default source lists has been reduced to help adding and removing sources more manageable.
  • The list of specified dates options has been reduced to make adding or removing dates to your search more manageable.
  • Newswires and non-business news are now automatically  included in the search by default.


Newspaper database trial

UKpressonline is available for a short trial period via the Portal, Learning resources tab, Database List.  The trial will run until 29th February and gives access to the following

Daily Mirror 1903 – 1980
Daily Mirror Academic 1903 – current
Daily Express 1900 – current
Sunday Express 2000 – current
Daily Star 2000 – current
Daily Star Sunday 2002 – current
Church Times 1863 – 1889
2000 – current
The Watchman 1835 – 1884
World War Two* 1933 – 1945

*Comprised of wartime pages from the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Action!, Blackshirt, Yorkshire Post and Daily Worker

Please post your feedback here or email with comments

British Library digitised newspapers now available

The British Library and online publisher brightsolid today launch a website that will transform the way that people use historical newspapers to find out about the past. The British Newspaper Archive website will offer access to up to 4 million fully searchable pages, featuring more than 200 newspaper titles from every part of the UK and Ireland. The newspapers – which mainly date from the 19th century, but which include runs dating back to the first half of the 18th century – cover every aspect of local, regional and national news.
Included is the Belfast Newsletter 1828-1900.
All searching is free but it costs to view images in the viewer. 

Digitised Historic Newspaper Archives in European National Libraries

Journals and newspaper archives available online.
Austrian digitised newspapers 1810-1935;
Croatian digitised newspapers;
Estonian digitised newspapers;  
Finnish digitised newspapers;
French digitised newspapers;
Digitised German exile journals and newspapers 1933 – 1945;
Digitised Greek newspapers;
Digitised Icelandic newspapers;
Digitised Latvian newspapers;
Digitised Norwegian newspapers;
Digitised Serbian newspapers;
Digitised Spanish newspapers.

The Irish Times (1859-2009) and The Weekly Irish Times (1876-1958)

The Library has recently added to its suite of online historical newspapers with a subscription to the digital Irish Times and The Weekly Irish Times. These archived issues are searchable by a range of fields including document type (e.g. articles, reviews, obituaries, letters, and photographs), keyword, title, author and date.

Access to the database is available both on-campus and off-campus via the University Portal, Learning Resources tab, A-Z list of library databases.

Cross-searching with the New York Times (1851-2007) is available by choosing the Select Multiple Databases option.  The Irish Times is hosted on the Proquest platform.

Historical Irish Times Online

The library has added the Historical Irish Times 1859 – 2009 to its database collection.   The Historical Irish Times is fully searchable and provides digital reproductions of every page from every available issue. 

You can access all library databases, including this valuable new resource, from the Learning Resources page in the Portal.

British Newspapers 1600-1900

The British Newspapers 1600-1900 is the most significant digital collection of British historic newspapers. New conservation and imaging techniques and a new cross-searchable platform adopted by the British Library offers unparalleled access and discoverability to this valuable historical and cultural archive. In addition one will find specially commissioned essays and contextual materials written by expert scholars intended to help non-specialist users with perspective and analysis.  This is now available as one of the library databases. (Log in to the Portal to gain access.)