The Mike Wallace Interview

Students of American history and politics may be interested in the Mike Wallace interviews available as videos and transcripts in the Harry Ransom Center . There are interviews with Eldon Edwards, Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (on segregation, communism etc); Senator Wayne Morse (on the Eisenhower administration); Earl Browder (former head of the Communist Party in the US); Dr. Ralph Lapp, nuclear physicist (on nuclear testing and the atomic bomb); Senator James Eastland (“the voice of the white south”); Frank Lloyd Wright (on politics and war); Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas (on the Little Rock controversy); Eleanor Roosevelt (on Republicans, Democrats and the Soviet Union); John Gates (a leader in the Communist Party); Fulton Lewis Jnr. (on American politicians); Abba Eban (on Arab nations); William O. Douglas, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US (on the loss of liberties); Cyrus Eaton, industrialist (on the Cold War); Aldous Huxley (on freedom in the US); Adlai Stevenson (on American politics); Henry Kissinger (on US foreign policy); Arthur Larson (on the Eisenhower administration).