Ovid MEDLINE and Embase: new simplified access points launched

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The Library is pleased to announce that all of our MEDLINE versions have been combined into one menu option. When accessing via the parent Ovid interface, you will no longer have to choose from several options to search the most complete form of MEDLINE:

Blog Medline simplified route

The option for Embase has also been simplified and you can now tell exactly what is covered by the description:

Blog Embase simplified route

If you would like help with any of our databases, contact your Subject Librarian.

The Library Subject Team

Embase® Database Notice

We’ve received the following message about Embase:

Dear Ovid Customer:

Elsevier has recently notified us that Embase® Customers will see a considerably large amount of records in their daily update on or around February 20, 2015. This is due to Elsevier’s correction of approximately 30,000 records that are older than 5 years.

Please note, this is not a database reload. Depending on the search strategy specified in your AutoAlerts, you may find a higher than expected number of records in your results due to these corrections. Additionally, you can view them by entering 201591.up into your search to retrieve them.

If you should have any questions during this time, please contact Ovid Customer Support at support@ovid.com.


The Embase™ Database is being reloaded

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The upcoming Embase™ reload on OvidSP has been scheduled for mid-March 2014. The reload will incorporate:

  • 1,828 new terms that have been added to Emtree as preferred terms in 2014, including 148 drug terms and 1,680 medical terms.
  • Adding over 17,500 conference reviews and abstracts missing from 2010-2013.
  • Deleting 1.25 million MEDLINE records identified as duplicate records in the database.

An important note about AutoAlerts

If you receive AutoAlerts, you may see an unscheduled run prior to the reload. AutoAlert settings must be reset in advance of the reload. Please refer to our Embase User Guides for further information on advanced Embase functions.

If you have any questions, contact the Life & Health Subject Team for assistance.