New IBISWorld Database Replaces KeyNote

IBISWorldlogoAs the KeyNote market research database is no longer being updated, the Library has cancelled its subscription.  For those needing access to UK market research, we have set up a new subscription to the IBISWorld database which contains industry information for over 400 sectors.  The database is generally very straightforward to use and the reports are updated regularly (once or twice a year).  Note that the Library also subscribes to other market research databases such as Mintel, Passport and MarketLine (in Business Source Complete) and these all contain information on UK sectors as well as international market research.

If you need help in using these databases or in sourcing industry information please contact your business subject librarian.

Business Microdata in UK Data Service

communityThe UK Data Service (formerly ESDS) is a unified point of access to quality social and business research data including the UK Census and national surveys such as the Family Expenditure Survey, Labour Force Survey and the Northern Ireland Life & Times Survey.

It also now provides data from UK Government business surveys, available to UK academic researchers – registration is free. You will find business microdata if you select ‘Get Data‘, then ‘Business Microdata‘. This includes productivity data from the Annual Respondents’ Database, plus the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, the UK Innovation Survey and more. For commercial reasons, some of the microdata may be restricted to research students and staff only. The UK Data Service also provides a huge amount of international socio-economic data from the World Bank, ILO, IMF and other organisations, free for all to download.

Accessing Harvard Business Review articles online

From 1st August 2013, 500 key articles from the online version of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) will be ‘read only’ from the Business Source Premier database with users unable to download or print. The Library continues to subscribe to the printed HBR in the Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee libraries. On-campus users will be able to photocopy these key articles in accordance with current copyright regulations.

A list of the 500 articles is available by contacting a member of the library’s business team.

New Edition of Journal Quality Listing for Business

Picture of business journal coversA new 49th edition of the Journal Quality List (JQL) has recently been published (8th June 2013). The JQL is an international venture which is compiled and edited by Prof. Anne-Wil Harzing. The list is a collation of journal rankings from a variety of sources including: the Association of Business Schools, Aston University, British Journal of Management, Cranfield University School of Management and the Financial Times. Some sources are more current than others.

The JQL is published primarily to assist business and management academics to target their research papers at journals of an appropriate standard and is available in three arrangements: by journal title, by subject area and by ISSN. The subject coverage includes: business history, communication, economics, entrepreneurship, finance & accounting, general & strategy, international business, innovation, marketing, psychology, public sector management, sociology and tourism.

The current version of the JQL contains 23 different rankings of 940 business journals. The Association of Business Schools (ABS) continues to maintain its own well respected Journal Quality Guide which was last revised in 2010 (Version 4).

New Irish Taxation Database

The Library has set up a new subscription to TaxFind. This is a comprehensive full-text database covering all aspects of the Irish taxation system. It includes access to relevant legislation, case law (Irish, UK and EU), news information and the complete articles of the Irish Tax Review journal back to March 2006.

The database is available on campus automatically as well as off-campus using a unique username/password.

A short video demonstrating the database is available by clicking here

New UK Data Service

UK Data Services logoThe new national UK Data Service funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) brings together four established data services and websites:

■ Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)
■ Secure Data Service (SDS)
■ Survey Question Bank (SQB) – now called Variable and question bank.

Although the ESDS website will remain active during the transition, content will not be updated. Automatic redirects to the new UK Data Service website will be in place but may not match the pages you currently use.

Enhanced GMID Marketing Database

The Library’s GMID database (to be renamed Passport) has recently been upgraded to include significantly more content with more regular updates.  The database is an excellent research database for those needing access to international marketing and economic data, along with detailed analysis.   There are, for example,  a vast range of full-text market reports on industries, countries and companies.  Please contact a member of the business team if you would like a demonstration.

New Look to International Marketing Database

The search interface of the Global Marketing Information Database (GMID) has recently been refreshed.  Note though there are no changes to the core functionalities and ways of searching the database.  In researching up-to-date market data on consumer goods and services for particular countries, it is recommended that you click on the ‘Advanced Text Search’ option from the homepage to get started.

A short video is also available to help get you started on using the database.

Datastream database for financial data

Datastream is a sophisticated database for extracting international share price information as well as other company and economic data eg. exchange rates, interest rates, GNP etc.   The software to run the database has been loaded onto one designated PC in the Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee libraries.  There is a booking system in place for those who want to use the database – please ask at the main library desk on your campus.   Contact your business librarian for help in using the database.

Changes to Nexis Database

Nexis is a huge international database of news and business information.  In particular, it is a major source for thousands of regional, national and international newspapers.  The ‘News’ search interface has recently undergone some changes and these include:

  • Removing the multi-layer search fields, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. The option to put these back in again remains.
  • The search button now appears at the bottom of the screen creating a clear path to completion of your search.
  • The number of default source lists has been reduced to help adding and removing sources more manageable.
  • The list of specified dates options has been reduced to make adding or removing dates to your search more manageable.
  • Newswires and non-business news are now automatically  included in the search by default.