Construction Information Service – Major Enhancements

Regular users of the key database Construction Information Service will notice major differences when they log in from the end of April 2012. The new CIS search engine provides:‐

  • Improved accuracy of the search results returned ‐ saving you time
  • Improvement in the speed at which results are returned to you
  • Increased options available to find the relevant documents within the original search parameters set – a “search within a search” capability.
  • Concurrent searching of the entire content of The Construction Information Service, NBS Building Regulations and IHS Specify‐it.

For more information on the improvements, click on the “We asked – you responded – we listened” link when you enter Construction Information Service. If you need any help navigating your way around the new-look database, please contact your subject librarians. Hopefully, the new search and results interface will make it easier to find the documents you need!