Digitisation Project in the National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland development strategy outlines plans to make millions of items in its collection available online.  One third of the collection is to be digitised over the next ten years.  “The Library already has a strong online presence and has digitised a number of its iconic items including the last letter of Mary Queen of Scots, the Order for the massacre of Glencoe, the first books printed in Scotland in the 16th century, the first atlas of Scotland and First World War official photographs.”

While the Library will remain an important physical destination this project will open up it’s collections, online,to researchers worldwide.

AIP Journals – Access from Anywhere

The American Institute of Physics publish a number of prestigious journal titles and conference proceedings, and make them available via their Scitation platform. We are pleased to say that AIP have made a number of improvements to Scitation, which means that AIP publications are now available to all staff and students from everywhere. Previous to this, they were available on Jordanstown campus only. Use the Sign-in via Shibboleth/Athens link to access material.

In addition to this, AIP have made some other improvements, including:

  • New AIP Thesaurus with over 7,500+ terms to improve discoverability
  • Improved article layout to help determine article relevance
  • Article level metrics to measure the impact of research
  • Enhanced personalization features including article level citation alerts, topic and TOC alerts

AIP have produced a User Guide to the their new interface. Alternatively, please contact us if you need any assistance.



What could you do with an archive of the UK web, 1996-2010 ?

The UK Web Archive, produced by the British Library,  have written a very interesting article about the analytical tools users will need to make the most of the JISC UK Web Domain Dataset, a dataset of all the holdings of the Internet Archive for the UK from 1996 to 2010. The dataset contains a wealth of information, and exploiting it systematically will be of interest to many researchers. Have a read and see if there is something in it for you.

Irish –Australia transportation records

These records held in the National Archives of Ireland list the names crimes and sentences of people sent to the penal colonies. In many cases burglary and robbery brought sentences of seven years, though cow or sheep stealing could bring sentences of ten years.  Sometimes transportation sentences were commuted to shorter periods of imprisonment. Nineteen year old Thomas Adams from Antrim had his proposed transportation commuted to eighteen months imprisonment. Murder brought the death penalty but could be “respited” if the convict was transported for life.  Such was the fate of Thomas Kenna of Waterford. Patrick Hagan, aged 60, was detained in Dundalk Guardhouse for being a United Irishman. The records are searchable and give interesting insights into the crimes and punishments of late eighteenth/early nineteenth century Ireland.  There is also an article by Rena Lohan on the Archives’ resources on the transportation of Irish convicts to Australia.

KGB in the Baltic States

This site presents the digitised documents of different KGB departments, illustrating the differences in their work in Estonia Latvia and Lithuania. All the documents, scanned from the originals, have descriptions. Descriptions are in English and Russian. They can be searched by name, place and date, KGB department and title of document.  There are NKGB files 1940-41; MGB files 1943-53 and KGB files 1954-91.

ITN news

The JISC MediaHub database gives researchers access to 6,300 ITN news clips focusing on UK news coverage: the Miner’s Strike, the Thatcher era, John Major, and Tony Blair, right up to the present day. The ITN collection includes (from 1989) the Sky News archive.  There is access to longer ITV specials, such as the 32 minute programme on the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. The database also has Channel 4, Channel 5 news, Gaumont British News (1935-1959) and Reuters News.

To access JISC MediaHub logon to the Portal, click on the Learning Resource tab and select it from the Library’s A-Z list of databases.

Celtic Digital Initiative

“The aim of the Celtic Digital Initiative (CDI) is to make scarce resources available in an electronic format to students and scholars…There are five major sections: Images (digitised pictures of interest to Celticists), Text Archive (PDF files of rare material), Articles (PDF files of selected publications by staff members), Celtic Noticeboard (an area devoted to announcements of forthcoming conferences, events, vacancies, publications etc.) and Celtic journals (tables of contents of journals of Celtic studies interest).” (From Celtic Digital Initiative Homepage)

Olympic records available online (UK)

Hundreds of historic documents and images relating to the Olympic and Paralympic Games have been made available online by The National Archives for the first time. The new site, The Olympic Record, includes a timeline feature which enables visitors to track back through time and browse material from every summer Olympics, from Athens in 1896 to Beijing in 2008.

Circle: a calendar of Irish Chancery Records c. 1244-1509

“The records of the Irish Chancery were destroyed on 30 June 1922 in an explosion and fire in the Public Record Office of Ireland, located at the Four Courts, Dublin. Among the most important classes of record destroyed were the medieval Irish Chancery Rolls… CIRCLE is the culmination of nearly four decades of work reconstructing these lost records…The site contains over 20,000 Irish chancery letters translated from Latin into English, together with an unparalleled collection of digital images of surviving medieval chancery letters and rare printed volumes.” [From CIRCLE Home page]