Useful Google Search Tips

googleKaren Blakeman, one of the top trainers and advisors on search, social media and collaborative tools, runs regular workshops on maximising the search potential of Google.

If you use Google a lot, you may be interested to see some of the top tips as ranked by the participants in a recent workshop in Oxford.

Google Top Tips

In addition to these tips, you might be interested to know that you can add University of Ulster Library holdings to search results in Google Scholar. See our Google Scholar Guide for more information.

Bell Labs Technical Journal now in IEEE Xplore

IEEE has partnered with Alcatel-Lucent to bring the Bell Labs Technical Journal (BLTJ) to the IEEE Xplore digital library

With a Bell Labs Technical Journal subscription, you’ll have access to:

  • every published article of Bell Labs Technical Journal as well as prior versions of Alcatel-Lucent journals:
    • Bell System Technical Journal (1922–1983);
    • AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal (from 1984);
    • AT&T Technical Journal (1984–1996);
  • full-text documents for over 6,200 articles;
  • content that is the source of many significant contributions in telecommunications and other related fields that has had considerable impact on the technological base of the global economy;
  • key research from leaders in the telecommunications industry.

To find out more information about this journal, see here.