Reading Dawsonera Books on iPads

We are aware that there are problems reading Dawsonera e-books on iPads.  Dawson are looking into the problem and they have passed  it to their developers.  There appears to be a software compatibility problem which causes the connection to crash after a few minutes.

The solution is to download, rather than read online, as follows:

  • Install Adobe Reader or Bluefire Reader from the Apple App Store
  • Find the book on Dawsonera and opt to download rather than read online
  • If the ebook you are downloading is an EPUB format a URLLink.acsm link will appear within your browser, click on “Open in Bluefire Reader” to complete the download.
  • The title will download and the Bluefire Reader app will open.
  • The ebook will show in the My Library section of the Bluefire reader app with the option to “Read Now” or to “Read Later”
  • If the ebook you are downloading is a PDF format the download will not start automatically and you must click “For iPhone and iPad users click here to download”
  • Once the download is complete the pdf will load in another tab (this may take a few minutes) but in a form that will not be readable.  Select “Open in Adobe Reader” to open the eBook
  • The DRM statement will appear in the Adobe Reader app, click open to read the ebook

Hope this helps, but please let us know if these instructions don’t work. In addition, there are some good guides for using Dawson Books on their Help page.

Library collections for history students

There are many special collections in libraries across the UK and Ireland.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Library is one example which is housed at King’s College London with over 800,00 books from the 16th century to the present day.  The collection has great historical value and amongst other topics,  includes a large amount of material on the slave trade.  Details of the collection can be found on the website.

FCO library

AIP Journals – Access from Anywhere

The American Institute of Physics publish a number of prestigious journal titles and conference proceedings, and make them available via their Scitation platform. We are pleased to say that AIP have made a number of improvements to Scitation, which means that AIP publications are now available to all staff and students from everywhere. Previous to this, they were available on Jordanstown campus only. Use the Sign-in via Shibboleth/Athens link to access material.

In addition to this, AIP have made some other improvements, including:

  • New AIP Thesaurus with over 7,500+ terms to improve discoverability
  • Improved article layout to help determine article relevance
  • Article level metrics to measure the impact of research
  • Enhanced personalization features including article level citation alerts, topic and TOC alerts

AIP have produced a User Guide to the their new interface. Alternatively, please contact us if you need any assistance.



New Trial – Cabell’s Directories of Publishing Opportunities

Cabell’s Directories of Publishing Opportunities is now available as a trial until the end of April 2014. Cabell Publishing, Inc. was founded to help professors, graduate students, and researchers publish their manuscripts in academic journals. The Directory helps you to determine which journals typically publish manuscripts similar to yours or could be the best fit for your manuscript. It is particularly useful to early career researchers, as it lists information on the style and format of most journals, describes the type of review process used by the editor(s) of a journal, the type of review, number of reviewers, acceptance rate, time required for review, availability of reviewers’ comments, number of copies required and manuscript topics.

Feedback on this resource is welcomed.

New Addition to the Web of Science – SciELO

The SciELO* Citation Index has been added into the Web of Science. SciELO provides new insights into Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean and South Africa. It includes:

  • Approximately 650 titles (over 350 adding content to journals already covered in the Web of Knowledge)
  • Over 4 million cited references
  • Open access with links to full text through the SciELO site
  • Weekly updates from the SciELO Brazil data feed
  • Simplified discovery process for local information in a regional database
  • An easy search experience with local language interface

See here for more information.

Planned Maintenance to Library Databases

WoS logoProQuest logoRefWorksColorlogo

Web of Science, Proquest and Refworks: planned maintenance 

Due to scheduled maintenance planned by the suppliers on Sunday 16th Feb, access to the following Library databases will be affected:

Proquest services & Refworks:

Sunday 16th February 3am-11am – Services will be unavailable.

Web of Science:

Sunday 16th February 11.30am-5.30pm – During this time there may be intermittent unavailability.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Evaluating Research – Some Interesting Perspectives

A couple of short articles published recently in Research Professional  give an indicator on the  different ways that research impact is being measured.

Beyond the CV: letting academics tell their own stories  by Mike Thelwall describes a project that goes beyond a list of research publications to better evaluate research work and its impact.  The Acumen Portfolio is an EU funded project that allows researchers to compile details about their expertise, outputs and impacts above and beyond the h-index.

The second article, Old metrics or altmetrics? by Jonathan Adams, looks at the rise of alternatives to the traditional citation tools.

Free registration is required to access the articles above.

If you are interested in finding out more about ‘altmetrics’, please see our Library guide on research and impact for more information.

IASIL Bibliography Bulletin


 The IASIL Bibliography Bulletin is no longer published with the printed edition of the Irish University Review, but will continue to be available in the electronic journal edition. The electronic edition is available in the Library’s e-journal collection which can be access under Key Services on the Portal’s Library & ICT Tab. The first electronic version is the IASIL Bibliography 2012 in the Autumn/Winter 2013 issue of the Irish University Review.




New Database – Stockley’s Drug Interactions

Stockley's drug interactionsStockley’s Drug Interations is now available as a searchable database with both on and off-campus access. Find it on the A-Z Databases link on the Library & ICT Portal tab.

From the makers;

“Stockley’s Drug Interactions is the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative reference book on drug interactions, covering therapeutic drugs, proprietary medicines, herbal medicines, foodstuffs, drinks, pesticides, and drugs of abuse.”