ASM Alloy Center Database – Major Update

 ASM International is pleased to announce a major new release of the ASM Alloy Center Database™, which provides fully searchable, online access to authoritative materials data.

This important release features the below key content updates and software enhancements:

  • Data Sheets & Diagrams – more than 400 new alloy datasheets
  • Alloy Finder – more than 5,000 specifications and standards entries updated, and more than 3,000 entries added.
  • Materials Property Data – enhanced X-Y charts
  • Coatings Data – completely updated
  • Corrosion Performance Data – updated and expanded
  • Database Software – The Alloy Center Database has been upgraded to Granta MI, the leading software for materials data management, providing expanded search and reporting functionality, unit conversion, and materials substitution tools.

This resorce is available on-campus only, although the ASM Handbooks and some of the alloy data books are available off-campus in Knovel Library.