RLUK Joins The European Library

The UK consortium of scholarly libraries, Research Libraries UK (RLUK), has recently joined The European Library, a membership organisation that provides services to researchers, with access to more than 200 million records and digital items from all of Europe’s national libraries and a growing number of research libraries.

Designed to meet the needs of the research community worldwide, the European Library provides an online portal to access the collections of 48 National Libraries of Europe and leading European Research Libraries. Users can cross-search and reuse over 18,644,265 digital items and 119,246,208 bibliographic records.

Researchers – Keep In Step With Open Access Policy

Recently, Science Ministers from the G8 nations endorsed the need for open data and open access research. This was in recognition that OA would have a positive impact on global societies. Publishing research openly and engaging in online sharing is what the current policy environment demands of researchers. This makes sense in terms of value for money, impact of research and democratisation of knowledge. This dissemination not only applies to articles and monographs but to datasets and software. Read the full statement from the Ministers at the Lough Erne G8 Summit.