Free Irish Genealogy eBooks

Free Irish Genealogy eBooks lists over 400 ebooks.  Although the site’s title suggests it is about genealogy  – which it is – it is also much more than that. Those interested in the Irish Diaspora can read titles such as The Irish in Australia (1887); The Irish in Britain (1894); The Story of the Irish in Argentina (1919); Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania (1902); The Irish in America (1868); and The Irishman in Canada (1877). Ulster-Scots are represented by titles such as The Scot in America, and the Ulster Scot (1912); The Scotch-Irish in America (1915) and Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America (1910). Volumes of the Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin are housed in the Magee and Coleraine Learning Resource Centres but you can also read them here online. Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland are here, as is Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810. These online titles are a compilation gathered from Clare County Library, Family History Archives, Google Books, Hathi Trust Digital Library, Internet Archive, Open Library and Project Gutenberg.

Naxos Music Library Add Recordings of EMI Classics, Virgin Classics and Blue Note Records

Naxos Music Library is proud to announce the addition of the EMI Classical and Jazz catalogue to its streaming audio collection. This vast catalogue of recordings includes EMI Classics, Virgin Classics and Blue Note Records. On August 19th, more than 200 albums will be available to subscribers with the remainder of the 7200 album catalog available by the end of 2011. New releases will be added as they occur.

The legacy of the catalogs of these labels is made apparent by the ensembles, instrumentalists, vocalists and conductors that appear on their decades of recordings, including the likes of Art Blakey, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Evgeny Kissin, Sir Simon Rattle, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Maria Callas, Wilhelm Furtwängler, the Berliner Philharmoniker, Bill Charlap, Lionel Loueke, Joe Lovano, Jason Moran, Robert Glasper, Ambrose Akinmusire, and countless others. The documentation of great past performers as well as new releases on all three labels will serve as an invaluable educational tool to Naxos Music Library subscribers.

National Jukebox

In May 2011 Library of Congress in collaboration with Sony Musical Entertainment launched National Jukebox  a website of over 10,000 rare historic sound recordings available to the public for the first time digitally. The collection includes popular music, dance music, opera, early jazz, famous speeches, poetry and humour.

“The agreement for the National Jukebox grants the Library of Congress usage rights to Sony Music’s entire pre-1925 catalogue, comprising thousands of recordings produced by Columbia Records, OKeh, and Victor Talking Machine Co. among others – and represents the largest collection of such historical recordings ever made publicly available for study and appreciation online…Visitors to the National Jukebox will be able to listen to available recordings on a streaming-only basis, as well as view thousands of label images, record-catalogue illustrations, and artist and performer biographies…This represents a strong step in the Library’s efforts to return out-of-circulation recordings to public access”.

Sage Insight

SAGE says: “SAGE Insight puts the spotlight on research published in more than 645 journals. All the articles we link to from this site are free to read for a limited period. Both new and from our archives, the articles on SAGE Insight provide a fresh perspective on major issues facing the public and policy makers. We cover everything from crime to medical practices, from psychology to education. If it’s a topic that you find interesting, use these articles to spread the debate: write about it on your blog, microblog, or newsletter”.  Some articles include: Celebrity chav: fame femininity and social class, by I. Tyler & B. Bennett; Nanrobot for brain aneurysm, by A. Cavalcanti & others; Remembering the 2005 London bombings: media, memory, commemoration, by M. J. Allen & A. Bryan; Nuclear safety in Iran post-Fukushima, by N. Gerami.

Web of Knowledge and Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 users should be aware of the following news item issued by Web of Knowledge/Web of Science:

Currently the Web of Knowledge platform does not support Internet Explorer version 9 browsers. Therefore, in order to view the results using this version of the browser, users need to turn on the compatibility mode. Alternatively, switch to a different browser, such as Firefox 3.5, that is compatible. 

Users can enable the compatibility mode in IE9 as follows:

  • 1. Click on Tools menu
  • 2. Click on Compatibility View Settings
  • 3. Type ‘’ in the text-box and click on Add.

Please contact your Subject Librarian if you need further help with accessing or using Web of Knowledge.

African-American sheet music 1850-1920

From the Library of Congress American Memory there are 7 collections of sheet music, among them African-American sheet music 1850-1920 from the collections of Brown University.  There are digitised pieces by the composers James Bland, Ernest Hogan, Bob Cole, James Reese Europe and Will Marion Cook.

The other collections of sheet music comprise, Civil War Era Band Music; Folk Fiddle Music, Southern Appalachian; Moldenhauer Archives; Sheet Music 1820-1860 & 1870-1885; Sheet Music 1850-1920 and Song Sheets ca. 1800-1880.

Irish Film & TV Research Online

Irish Film & TV Research Online is a website designed to bring together the wide diversity of research material relating to Irish-made cinema and television as well as to Irish-themed audio-visual representations produced outside of Ireland. It incorporates three searchable databases: Irish Film & Television Index; Irish Film & Television Biographies; and Irish Film & Television Bibliography; and the Irish Postgraduate Film Research Seminar, an annual conference of film studies’ postgraduate students based in Ireland or engaged in researching Irish material elsewhere. The project is based in the School of Drama, Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin.

Need a quotation

“The trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians who believe, with a conviction based on experience, that you can fool all of the people all of the time.” So said the American journalist Franklin Pierce Adams.  For more quotations go to Britannica Online, click on Browse and select Quotations. As well as the quotations there are links to biographies of those who were responsible for them.