Scientific WebPlus

Scientific WebPlus is a service available in the Web of Knowledge database. WebPlus will find the most relevant scientific information on the Web fast, and will help you find hard-to-get scientific information not available elsewhere. It will eliminate much of the “noise” you get with large search engines. You can specify your own search topic, but you can also search under person /author, organism, gene or drug. You will find it in Web of Knowledge under Additional Resources.


EBSCO proudly offers GreenFILE, a freely accessible research database focusing on the relationship between human beings and the environment, with well-researched but accessible information on topics ranging from global warming to recycling to alternate fuel sources and beyond. Comprised of scholarly and general interest titles, as well as government documents and reports, GreenFILE offers a unique perspective on the positive and negative ways humans affect the ecology. Drawing on the connection between the environment and disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology, GreenFILE will serve as an’informative resource for anyone concerned about the issues facing our planet. GreenFILE‘s initial release will include A&I for more than 600 titles, including comprehensive coverage – from to volume 1, issue 1 to present – for Bioscience (back to 1964), Conservation Biology (back to 1987), i>Journal of Ecology (back to 1913) and Journal of Environmental Planning & Management (back to 1948). The total number of records is approximately 295,000, and full text is provided for more than 4,600 records from open access titles.

Note: Be sure to set a bookmark for This link takes you directly to the GreenFILE database.

Teacher Reference Center (TRC)

This index of over 260 titles from the most popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and books is now also offered free via the EBSCOhost platform. This database provides coverage on key education topics such as Assessment, Continuing Education, Current Pedagogical Research, Curriculum Development, Instructional Media, Language Arts, Literacy Standards, Science & Mathematics, and more for K-12 Teachers & Librarians.

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New Search Interface for FAME Database

The Library will be switching over to a brand new search interface for the FAME database in September 2011.  This database provides access to very detailed company accounts and financial ratios for millions of UK and Irish companies over a 10-year period.

Data can be extracted and presented in a range of formats including spreadsheets, graphs and pie-charts.  The new interface will be radically different from the current one.  Researchers may preview the new interface by clicking on the link above the search boxes in the current interface.

Training will be provided by library staff from September onwards or you may contact one of the business librarians on your campus.

Bibliothèque nationale de France Virtual Photography Exhibition

Bibliothèque nationale de France has produced a virtual photography exhibition.  The exhibition includes Photographic Treasures of the Geographical Society, Michael Kenna, Eugéne Atget, Roger Ballen, The Universal Expositions in Paris 1867-1900, Agence France Presse 1944-2004, Photographers for the Emperor, Portraits / Faces, Gustave Le Gray, Travelling in Orient, Magnum: Essays on the World and Short Photographic Poems. This superb exhibition will be of interest to all students of photography.

Databases: some online tutorials

CSA Illumina databases video tutorials and guides, British Standards Online video tutorialsEngineering Village training presentation videos,     IEEExplore online training tutorial  Browsing IEEExplore standards, IEEExplore self paced tutorialsUU Medline video guide,  Proquest database tutorials, Refworks: tutorial basics, Refworks: advanced searching, Refworks: Ref Share tutorial, Refworks: output style tutorial, Safari Books Online, ScienceDirect tutorialsSpringer’s online archiveWeb of Knowledge video tutorials (includes Researcher ID, Promoting your research with Researcher ID, Search tips for Web of Science, All databases search and Journal citation reports) and Wiley online self paced tutorials.

Library Information Science and Technology Abstracts

EBSCO Publishing is proud to provide the Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) database as a free resource to anyone interested in libraries and information management. This world-class bibliographic database provides coverage on subjects such as librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more. Delivered via the EBSCOhost platform, LISTA indexes nearly 600 periodicals plus books, research reports, and proceedings. With coverage dating back to the mid-1960s, it is the oldest continuously produced database covering the field of information science.

Note: Be sure to set a bookmark for This link takes you directly to the LISTA database.

New online collection tells story of British women’s struggle for the vote

A unique collection relating to British women’s fight for the vote 100 years ago has been revealed online through the Visual Arts Data Service (VADS).

The digitised material represents a selection of the vast collections housed at the Women’s Library at London Metropolitan University, and includes posters, photographs, postcards, badges, and other memorabilia relating to the British suffrage movement.
Particularly remarkable and moving items from the online collection include a photograph of a crowd attacking suffragettes, and the purse that was held by Emily Wilding Davison at the Epsom Derby in 1913, when she stepped in front of the horse of King George V, which resulted in her death four days later.

More information available onVADS blog. (Sign up on RSS feed for regular alerts.)